ICT Project

Information Communication Technology (ICT) PROJECT The Trust committed to assisting both of the Hawston schools ( Primary and Secondary ) schools and Mount Pleasant Primary School in terms of increasing the numbers of learners taking Mathematics and Science as subjects, the improvement of literacy and numeracy at both schools and to facilitate access to technology for all learners and teachers. A further aim was to develop School Management teams by completing the Change Management in ICT course. The result is that both schools now have a functional computer lab and hands on training has begun. EET’s eLearning facilitator Mabandla Qolo has played a key role in the entire process. The first round of training has been completed covering the following
modules: Introduction to Google Apps; Online Resources; Mobile Skills; Microsoft Platforms- OneNote; Social Media skills; Learning Management System- Moodle and Smart classrooms. The next step is to integrate these skills into the curriculum lessons. Meanwhile, Teacher Professional Development continues while teachers integrate Technology in the classroom.