EET Vision & Mission Statement


Improve the Quality of Teaching, Learning and Life in the Overstrand.


To improve the skills of teachers through appropriate courses and interventions in all disciplines.

To stimulate and grow leadership skills, cross-cultural understanding and teamwork in young people.

To improve the literacy and numeracy levels of learners at all phases with particular emphasis at the Foundation Phase.

To increase the cultural capital of learners by providing access to:

  • Homes where parents have been trained to provide an environment conducive to producing conscientious learners, for the Primary Phase.
  • Toys, books and play areas, at the Early Childhood Development Phase.
  • Books at the Foundation and Primary Phases.
  • Art, Craft and Creativity classes for Primary school learners.
  • Playing of musical instruments and the reading of musical notation.
  • Training in E-learning, Computer and Robotic skills.

To assist foreign national learners to become fuent in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa.